If you dream of a really big catch, our place is the perfect destination for fishing holidays in Norway!

The Nordmøre coast in Norway is known for its excellent fishing. This is a great area for sea fishing in Norway and a unique paradise for both a passionate angler and a new beginner!

The waters off West Norway are among the world’s most abundant fishing grounds; the climate that varies between its coastal to inland areas and the complex system of long, deep fjords offers big catches and a wide variety of species.

You are guaranteed a major catch. Here you can catch fish like big cod, halibut, mackerel, hake, haddock, catfish, monkfish and many more species besides. Often the big fish are taken- halibut for over a hundred pounds and 20-30 pounds cod are not uncommon.

Apart from usual fishing we offer Deep Sea Fishing for beginners and serious fishermen and finest Big Game Fishing for real fishing enthusiasts in one of the world’s most fish populated areas accompanied by professional skipper guide. Our place in Averoy, district of Nordmøre, really is the premiere location for breathtaking scenery and world record catch.

Boats, fishing equipment, place to store fishing equipment, local skipper guide who will gladly show you the best fishing spots, life jackets for small kids and grownups, facilities for cleaning and preserving fish and short distance to great fishing grounds – we have it all!

The best time for fishing in Norway is between March and the end of October. But fishing is possible all year. This will be an experience you will never forget!

Deep sea fishing

We offer finest Deep sea fishing trips, to both the novice, and experienced angler alike. We organize half or full day sea fishing trips on the real fishing boat «Viknes 830».  

To experience huge catches of quality fish this is the right place to be at.  Stunning scenery, generally sheltered sea fishing, a huge choice of species and a chance to beat your personal best big cod, big halibut, coalfish or wolfish as well as many other species.

The majority of fishing grounds take place within short distance from the Holiday houses and unlike the Big Game Fishing it only takes around 20 minutes before you are wielding your fishing rod in anticipation of a great catch.

Recommended for those that want the best opportunity of a great and guaranteed catch! 


Half day trip (Max 5 persons)5 hours5000 NOK
Full day trip (Max 5 persons)9 hours8000 NOK

Snacks and soft drinks on the boat are included.

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Cruising is the great way to experience the scenic beauty of Norway at its best and see spectacular coastlines, fjords and mountains.

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