There are many exciting activities to enjoy while staying in this fabulous place of Averøy, Norway. As you know, Norway is characterized by wilderness and beauty and can offer exciting experiences. We will organize all the attractions you will choose to experience! Our offer of most exciting attractions for your memorable holidays in Norway:


If you dream of a really big catch, our place is the perfect destination for fishing holidays in Norway!

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We have well-maintained motorboats of high standards designed for fishing trips that you can rent during your stay in our place.

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Cruising is the great way to experience the scenic beauty of Norway at its best and see spectacular coastlines, fjords and mountains.

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The island of Grip is one of the most popular attractions in Kristiansund and is located 14 km north of the city.

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Apart from our selection of the best attractions to experience, you can find lots of interesting things to do and places to visit to make your holidays in Norway special.

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