The island of Grip is one of the most popular attractions in Kristiansund and is located 14 km north of the city.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this tiny island that is situated 14 km out to sea and has a long and interesting history! Grip looks like a small town floating on the sea. Up to 1964 it was Norway’s smallest municipality, now it’s only inhabited during the summer. The picturesque buildings huddle close as in town-colorful and beautiful. In the middle of the houses stands the fine 500 years old stave church. From mediaeval times Grip has been one of the most important fishing villages and has an exciting history!

If you want to visit Grip, we will take you there by our own boat (approx. half an hour drive, max 6 passengers). Should you wish to stay and enjoy the enchantment of Grip, we’ll accommodate you in our cozy and fully equipped house (max 6 persons). 

Prices for stay in Grip

1 night7000 NOK
2 nights11 000 NOK
3 nights13 000 NOK

Tour to Grip

1 day tour:
6 hours, including journey and visit to islands and surrounding area.

Please note: Services to be ordered in advance. 

If interested, please contact us!

Read more about Grip on Visit Norway or Visit Grip.

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